What’s new in PyWebIO 1.8



  • Add datatable widget (put_datatable())

  • Build reliable message transmission over HTTP-based backends (Flask and Django)

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • When use put_loading() as context manager, the output inside the context will also been removed after the context block exits.

Detailed changes

  • Add put_file_upload() pin widget.

  • Add WPA support (via config(manifest)), so PyWebIO apps can be launched like a native app on mobile devices.

  • Add type hints to all public functions (#501, thanks to 叶子)

  • Add Uzbek language support for UI labels (#539, thanks to Ulugbek)

  • Remove the NullHandler() logging handler added to pywebio logger, so the exception log from PyWebIO can be output by default.

  • Add max_payload_size param to start_server() and webio_handler() for aiohttp and fastapi backends.

  • When tdata of put_table() is list of dict, header parameter is not mandatory anymore.

  • Add pyinstaller hook, so PyWebIO apps can be packaged to executable file with pyinstaller without any extra configuration.

  • No traceback expose to user in production environment (start_server(debug=False), the default setting).

Bug fix

  • Fix memory leak after close session (#545)

v1.8.1 (2023/4/16)

  • fix (#568) global config(title) don’t work

  • fix (#569) cell_content_bar shown error

v1.8.2 (2023/4/22)

  • fix (#570) flex column config of put_datatable() don’t work

  • fix json encode error when use tuple as key in column_args of put_datatable()

v1.8.3 (2023/10/30)

  • fix (#614) input_group() return invalid result when canceled