What’s new in PyWebIO 1.7



  • add session reconnect to aiohttp and fastapi backends (now, all platforms support session reconnect)

Detailed changes

Bug fix

  • fix: textarea(code=True, required=True) can’t submit

  • fix: auto hold don’t work on script mode

  • fix (#389): put_select() was hidden by put_tabs()

  • fix: input_update(datalist) don’t work when datalist is not provided in input()

  • fix (#459): code textarea onchange fired when set value

  • fix (#453): put_table() error when table data is empty with rich header

  • fix load old static resource after version upgrade

  • fix cancel type raise error in single action()

  • fix (#377): error on nested onchange callback

  • fix (#468): can’t reset select()

  • fix set_env(output_animation=False) don’t work for image