What’s new in PyWebIO 1.5



Detailed changes

  • enable lstrip by default in put_markdown(), and the behavior of lstrip is more clever than previous version. Deprecate strip_indent since lstrip is sufficient.

  • button disabled state support in pywebio.output.put_buttons() and pywebio.output.put_button(), and button value can be any type

  • buttons in pywebio.input.actions() support color setting

  • russian language support for frontend labels and messages. Thanks to @Priler.

  • improve default index page of pywebio.platform.path_deploy(): improve pywebio app detection and show app title.

  • compatible with latest aiohttp(v3.8)

  • enable websocket_ping_interval by default in tornado server to avoid idle connections being close in some cloud platform (like heroku)

  • exception traceback will be show in page when enable debug

  • slider input add indicator to show its current value

Bug fix

  • deep copy options and buttons parameters to avoid potential error - 81d57ba4, cb5ac8d5 - e262ea43

  • fix page width exceeding screen width (mostly on mobile devices) - 536d09e3

  • fix put_buttons() issue when buttons have same value - cb5ac8d5

  • fix layout issue when use put_markdown() - 364059ae

  • fix style issue in put_tabs() widget - f056f1ac

  • fix sibling import issue in path_deploy() - 35209a7e

  • fix “Address already in use” error when enable remote access in some cases - 8dd9877d

v1.5.1 (2021/12/21)

  • fix setitem error of pin.pin object - 3f5cf1e5

  • fix thread-based session tot closed properly - 22fbbf86..3bc7d36b>

  • fix OverflowError on 32-bit Windows - 4ac7f0e5

  • fix a sample error from cookbook - 99593db4

  • fix spawn 2 remote access processes when enable debug in flask backed - 073f8ace

v1.5.2 (2021/12/30)

  • fix #243: thread keep alive after session closed

  • fix #247: can’t use coroutine callback in put_button()