What’s new in PyWebIO 1.1

2021 2/7

It’s been a whole year since the first line of PyWebIO code was written. 🎂 There have been too many things in 2020, but it has a special meaning to me. In 2021, we will continue to work hard to make PyWebIO better and better.


  • Security support: put_html(), put_markdown() can use sanitize parameter to prevent XSS attack.

  • UI internationalization support

  • SEO support: Set SEO info through pywebio.platform.seo() or function docstring

  • CDN support, more convenient to web framework integration

  • Application access speed is improved, and no probe requests are used to determine the communication protocol

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • Remove disable_asyncio parameter of start_server() in django and flask.

  • Deprecated pywebio.session.data(), use pywebio.session.local instead

  • Application integrated into the web framework, the access address changes, see Web framework integration

  • Remove max_height parameter of put_scrollable(), use height instead

Detailed changes