What’s new in PyWebIO 1.2

2021 3/18


  • Support reconnect to server in websocket connection by setting reconnect_timeout parameter in start_server().

  • Add path_deploy(), path_deploy_http() and pywebio-path-deploy command to deploy PyWebIO applications from a directory.

  • All documents and demos are now available in English version.

  • Some output-related functions support context manager, see output functions list .

Detailed changes

  • Add put_info(), put_error(), put_warning(), put_success()

  • Add pywebio.utils.pyinstaller_datas() to get PyWebIO data files when using pyinstaller to bundle PyWebIO application.

  • Add documentation for data visualization using pyg2plot.

  • The reset(), append(), insert() of output() accept any type as content.

  • Add static_dir parameter to start_server() to serve static files.

  • Deprecated pywebio.session.get_info(), use pywebio.session.info instead.

  • Alert not supporting message when the user using IE browser.